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Get influence in decisions in YOUR municipality!

Why vote?

In a democracy, it is absolutely crucial that citizens vote.

In Denmark, the turnout is usually quite high. In recent decades, new groups in society have been given the right to vote by local elections, e.g. the municipal elections. It is important that these groups too participate in the election.

The everyday life following the election result is the everyday life of these people, too. They have as much right (and duty) as others to set the direction. Because of this, we hope that you will help strengthen democracy.

This is done by you, along with many others, voting in the election. You are eligible for voting in the local and regional council elections when you have reached the age of 18 and have lived in Denmark for the last 4 years prior to election day.

How to vote?

The election will take place on Tuesday 16 November 2021. There are several polling stations around the municipality.

They are open from kl. 08:00 to 20.00. If you are among those who have the right to vote, you will receive a voter card a few weeks before the election.

Your polling station is indicated by your voter card. You must bring your voter card on election day. Should you have forgotten your voter card on election day, or thrown it away, you can still vote. You will then need to bring a driver's license, passport or health insurance certificate.

But remember: You can only vote once.

At the polling station you will receive a ballot paper. You vote by writing an X - EITHER at a party OR at a person. If you vote for a person, the vote also counts as support for the party. But if you vote for a person, you are not only involved in choosing which parties are to decide in Vesthimmerlands Municipality - also which persons are to represent the party you vote for.

Remember, you may only put one X!

What are we voting on?

Vesthimmerlands municipal Council consists of 27 members. At the head of the municipal council is the city mayor. The members are elected for 4 years.
The City Council has the political responsibility for the entire municipal administration in Vesthimmerlands Municipality. Major areas that have a direct impact on citizens' everyday lives are:

  • The effort to get the unemployed into employment and to get people on sick leave through in a good way.
  • Rehabilitation after illness and help for the disabled.
  • The conditions for our senior citizens, both financially, in terms of housing and health.
  • How should our kindergartens, schools and educational institutions work? What should children learn and how should they learn it?
  • Which roads must be built and maintained in the municipality? How can we bike and walk around safely? And how do we travel by bus?
  • What cultural-, leisure- and sports facilities must there be in Vesthimmerlands Municipality?
  • How do we strengthen integration in our municipality?
  • How do we ensure environmentally friendly energy, good water and clean air?

These and many other things the people you help to get elected in the local elections will have to consider. It all has something to do with your everyday life. That is why it is important that you both vote and take part in the local political debate.